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    Prospective clients are urged to thoroughly review the following risk warnings. It is important to note that we do not cover all the risks associated with dealing in Financial Instruments, including Contracts for Difference ("CFDs") and Equities. We aim to provide a fair and non-misleading overview of the general nature of these risks. Specifically, Contracts for Difference ('CFDs') are intricate financial products and may not be suitable for all investors. CFDs are leveraged products that reach maturity upon the closure of an existing open position. Investing in CFDs involves a high level of risk and can lead to the complete loss of invested capital.

    Engaging in any trading activity is strongly discouraged unless a client has a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with each Financial Instrument. Clients should refrain from risking more than they are willing to lose. NeolinFX does not offer any investment advice, recommendations, or guidance regarding investments, potential transactions, or Financial Instruments. Clients are advised to assess the suitability of each Financial Instrument based on their financial status and goals before opening an account with NeolinFX. If clients are uncertain about the risks involved in trading Financial Instruments, they are encouraged to seek guidance from an independent financial advisor. If clarity on these risks is still lacking even after consulting an independent financial advisor, clients should abstain from trading altogether. The purchase and sale of Financial Instruments carry a substantial risk of losses and damages. Clients must understand that the investment value can both increase and decrease, and they are responsible for all resultant losses and damages, which may exceed the initial invested capital upon the decision to trade.